Beautiful Freaks interview (2015)

Red Bull article and interview (2014)

The Strange Brew (2012)

FACT magazine interview (2012)

Marmalade Radio Interview (2012)

LA Record interview (2009)

nn mixtape for Californian blog 'Naturalismo'

Older interviews with nick - from the vaults

REVIEWS, blogs

Rrainbow single

US radio station KJHK review March 23rd

Subbacultcha Rrainbow video Premiere March 2nd 2015

Subbacultcha Rrainbow Vuurwerk remix premiere

Feb 2015 lead up to Rrainbow release The 405 Premiere

Space of a Second album

Record Collector SoaS review Oct 2014

Dancing About Architecture - SoaS review
Quotes: "It feels more like an astral symphony, an old musical form using contemporary instruments to create the sound of the future. […] It is enough to say that Nick Nicely is a visionary, a cosmic shaman and a musical archaeologist all rolled into one"

Aural Innovations  SoaS review
Quote: “It’s the banquet of effects and sense of spaced out Psychedelic surrealism that slingshots along with, as well as morphs and blends with the songs that I find so captivating.”
The Garage blogspot SoaS review
Quote: "An album of restless curiosity. This is psychedelic music of the 21st century. An outstanding piece of work."

El Ukelele -  SoaS review (In Spanish)

Man On The Moon SoaS review (Portugese)

The State51 Conspiracy SoaS review
Quote: “As a fresh wave of psychedelic sounds spreads across the globe, Nick’s music is more relevant today than ever before”

Terrascope review, February 2015
SoaS review
Quote: “The future of Psychedelic music is in safe hands”

The Sunday Experience SoaS track The Change in Charmaine review (from the FdM ' Fish ' compilation review)
Quote: “Prized from his ‘space of a second’ set Nick Nicely is here exquisitely showcased by the ghostly ‘the change in Charmaine’ which is here found elegantly set in sepia twists and the rarefied flavouring of Victoriana apparitions all turned into a curiously alluring dub
gothique glaze”

Its Only Rock 'n' Roll SoaS review  SoaS review (French) 8.5 /10

Put The Needle On The Record SoaS review (German) (Italian) SoaS review

Mpodia (Dutch) SoaS review

Resident Music SoaS review

Ransom Note - Feature SoaS review

Rock Decibels SoaS review

Rock Station (French)  SoaS review

Indiestyle (Dutch / Belgium) SoaS review

Festivalinfo (Dutch) SoaS review

Norman Records SoaS review
Quote: “It’s very hard to tell if this is new material from the legendary psych-gaze composer or a compilation of old stuff or something else entirely.  All you need to know is that it is superb […] This is brilliant. BRILLIANT I TELLS YA!”

Gigslutz SoaS review

The Big Takeover  SoaS review

Reyna Ventura  SoaS review (Spanish)

Headwind Aheadwind single

Complete Update HeadwindAheadwind review

Fact Mag HeadwindAheadwind review

Clash Music HeadwindAheadwind review

Active Listener HeadwindAheadwind review

The Beat Manifesto HeadwindAheadwind review

Mr Atavist HeadwindAheadwind review

The Ransom Note HeadwindAheadwind review

Various recent

Temples namecheck: May 2014
(search for nicks name in the interview)
Quote: " Yeah, it’s (Psychotropia) a completely overlooked album.  It should be a classic album, but it’s overlooked COMPLETELY."

Amoeba blog

18th July Hilly Fields Day, Trip Inside This House

nn <> UNKLE collaboration Puppeteers leak on Blahblahblahscience

Wrottersley Road single

Mr Atavist review for Wrottersley Road

Testpressing review for Wrottersley Road

Pitchfork review for Wrottersley Road

Subbacultcha review for Wrottersley Road

The Strange Brew review for Wrottersley Road

Psychotropic Zone review for Wrottersley Road

HHV review for Wrottersley Road

Northern Plastics review for Wrottersley Road

OneNewsPage review for Wrottersley Road

Crosstalk International review for Wrottersley Road
Record Collector review for Wrottersley Road (no link)
Quote: "I'd feared nick nicely's weirdness might prove too retro to survive 2013, but this reworking of a belter, from his cassette album Lysergia is acid rock in the tense present, thanks to vibrant mixes that add psychosis to his psych. Smouldering, ringing, spinning, this is what a sizzling city sounds like when you body is in this world and your mind is in another"

Deejay review for Wrottersley Road

The League of Psychedelic Gentlemen EP

The Rockologist League of Psychedelic Gentlemen review

Mr Atavist League of Psychedelic Gentlemen review

Norman Records League of Psychedelic Gentlemen review

Psychotropic Zone League of Psychedelic Gentlemen review

Shindig League of Psychedelic Gentlemen review (no link)
Quote: 'Nick nicely's Rosemary's Eyes sounds wonderfully, lysergically off kilter, albeit in a good way'

Terrascope League of Psychedelic Gentlemen review
Quote: “Nick nicely twists your mind with Rosemary's Eyes a hazy swirl that is sure to become a lost gem ,the song gets better every time I hear it”

Strange Brew League of Psychedelic Gentlemen review
'With his electronic superpowers, nick nicely's Rosemary's Eyes cover the horror at the world seen through someone else's eyes. Its a new track that finds nicely at his best as he boldly ditches overt melody in favour of a hypnotic undercurrent of melodic harmony'.

Hilly Fields The Mourning single

Terrascope Hilly Fields The Mourning review

Sounds XP Hilly Fields The Mourning review

Psychotropic Zone Hilly Fields The Mourning review

Aural Innovations Hilly Fields The Mourning review

Radio Caroline Hilly Fields The Mourning review

Mr Atavist Hilly Fields The Mourning review

Active Listener Hilly Fields The Mourning review

God Is In The TV Hilly Fields The Mourning review

Lysergia cassette album

Psychotropic Zone Lysergia review

Elegant Daze album

Aquarius Records Elegant Daze Review

The Decibell Tolls Elegant Daze review

Psychotropia album

The Nomadic Subject Psychotropia review

LeMellotron on Hilly Fields (French)

Minor Scratches review of Elegant Daze / Lysergia / Psychotropia

Critical Mob Psychotropia review

Fernsehturm Psychotropia review

Bigger Splashes Psychotropia review

Fade2Grey blog on nick nicely

NoiseEase Psychotropia review

NoNotYet Psychotropia review

Cubist Bar Psychotropia review

Bunch of older reviews