nick nicely and the lives unlived Oct 11th 2008 Luminaire London , a Terrastock Tea Party .

The set list was as follows:

Weird nick intro

Blue Windowpane

Everyone Knows


On The Beach

Raw Euphoria

Hilly Fields

49 Cigars

the band consisted of nick and

Paul Simmons (guitar), Vic Vibrato (keyboards), Dave Burke (drums/percussion), Eric Woods (Bass) and Paul Sanders (abstract)

Jo Cyrus captured the event on photo:

nicknicelygig1.jpg (85225 bytes)

nicknicelygig3.jpg (26827 bytes)

the lives unlived at arrival

nicknicelygig4.jpg (25192 bytes)

the band

nicknicelygig5.jpg (40036 bytes)

paul simmons, vic vibrato

nicknicelygig2.jpg (91955 bytes)

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