[march 2023] new album in the works! It's on Fruits de Mer, vinyl only, called Afterworld and will come out in March 2023. Exclusive preview Rosemary Outtake.

[june 2022] new video for Otherside 3

[june 2022] new album Secret Life of Chance OUT NOW! Spotify / Bandcamp

[january 2022] new video Lives Unlived

[december 2021] New single Sundown26 - out now- here

[august 2021]
new single Butterfly Mind b/w Waving Ghosts out now - video here, spotify here

[june 2021] new single On the Beach (St Peters) out now -
video here, review here

[april 2021] site exclusive download: Raw Euphoria (edit)

[february 2021] site exclusive download: Psychotropian Dobbscape

[january 2021] by popular demand: a lyrics section

[january 2021] a new album is in the works. Stay tuned!

[autumn 2020] Out now: Cherry Red 3CD Compilation Musik Music Musique, 1980: The Dawn of Synth Pop. Featuring DCT Dreams by nick and a bunch of other tracks from around 1980 from household acts and more obscure outfits.

[autumn 2020] New release She Smile She Wave (collab with Astralasia) out now on Fruits de Mer, as parts of a Red Cross charity sampler on CD and LP. Highly recommended.

[august 2019] site exclusive live videos for Treeline and On The Beach (US2019) available

[august 2019] two previously unreleased outtakes on soundcloud: Lonely Earth Thing (alternative take of Souvenir) and Sound of the Moon

[july 2019] Fruits de Mer Wales gig cancelled

[spring 2019] US tour pictures here

[oct 2018] track surfaced  from the unreleased nn U.N.K.L.E. collab sessions

[sept 2018] new single due on Fruits de Mer - a cover of All Along the Watchtower b/w The Doors of Perception

[sep 2018] new nn gig announced. This one's a bit further down the line; nick will play Fruits de Mer's The 17th Dream of Dr Sardonicus festival in Cardigan, Wales August 2-4 2019. Don't say you weren't warned on time.

[aug 2018] video snippet from June 14 Electric Ballroom gig

[june 2018] pic from nn-Maus event

[spring 2018]  LIVE SHOWS announced: nick will be supporting the great John Maus on June 14th, 2018 Electric Ballroom, London -

[august 2017] new single Solar Wind out 29 Sept on Tapete - preview up on Tapete's nn site

[august 2017] NEW ALBUM Sleep Safari OUT September 29 - here 

[may 2017] new single Ghostdream out - here  ... video here

[oct 2016] new album nearing completion, stay tuned (it sounds great!)

[june 2016] new videos Translucence and London South, Grasscut Mix

[november 2015] new single London South plus remixes [listen]

[august 2015] 49 Cigars EP available Sep 7 on Fruits de Mer [lots of reviews]

[august 2015] exclusive download: Raw Euphoria live

[2015] have a look at nicks Facebook and renewed Soundcloud

[may 2015] 49 Cigars EP featuring various new versions on Fruits de Mer, September 2015

[april 2015] Rrainbow single released

[feb 15, 2015] Feb 15 2015,SOAS #12 on CMJ Most Added 200 (US College Radio)

[2015] Headwind Aheadwind single released

[2014] Space of a Second album released, on Lo Records

[july 2014] listen to the latest version of Whirlpool on Soundcloud

[july 2014] nick's releasing Headwind Aheadwind as a single - buy it at Amazon

[oct 2013] nick's signed a new record deal and will release an album in 2014

[oct 2013] new 49 Cigars remix

[april 2013] Wrottersley Road EP out on Emotional Response [blog - listen] [review] [order] [review]

[feb 2013] CANCELLED: 49 Cigars on Cherry Red Compilation ScaredToGetHappy

[feb 2013] new track Rrainbow

[dec 2012] League of Psychedelic Gentlemen out now and getting airplay

[nov 2012] new collab with Boars "Ghostdreams" & Ghostdreams video

[nov 2012] invisible gig in Hamburg

[nov 2012] CD compilation (Deptford Days) to include nn Hilly Fields Acoustic [cancelled later]

[oct 2012] an EP entitled League of Psychedelic Gentlemen featuring nick nicely et al will be released by   Fruits de Mer records. More here or here.

[may 2012] a highly collectible 7'' reissue of Hilly Fields is OUT NOW on Fruits de Mer records. It includes the classical HF and a brand new version - Hilly Fields - the mourning. Needless to say this is a must-have - for its music and of course as a collectors item. recommends to get in touch with them right bloody now before the thing sells out! Contact through FdM website

[27 feb 2012] Lysergia has sold out

[jan2012] Captured Tracks has released the Elegant Daze: 1979-1986 which is an expanded reissue of Psychotropia . Picked up by Altered Zones recently.

[13 nov 2011] A Russian article about nick (translated). Interestingly, this site is described as epileptic...

[22 june 2011] Burger Records has released Lysergia

[25 april 2011] the collaboration track with unkle has apparently surfaced

[17 april 2011 0:17] I just had the rare privilege to listen to Headwind (Aheadwind) the newest track added to the already awesome Lysergia release. Kraftwerk on acid. Terminally addicitive!

[april 2011] the new album will be out this or next month as a cassette release on Burger Records and has received a new name - Lysergia. Check back soon for more news.

[january 2011] nicks new album Space of a Second is ready and will be released, but unfortunately it is not going to be released by Fixed Identity in March as previously announced. Negotiations are under way so check back here for more news soon. The US label Captured Tracks will release a limited edition LP, nick nicely: Elegant Daze 1979-1986 - check back for the release date.

[december 2010] nick did an elaborate and informative interview with renowned magazine LA Record

[december2010] the new album is on its way, most definitely. Stay tuned for more news!

[july 2010] naturalismo blog has published a mixtape by nick including an alternate mix for On the Beach available for download

[july 2010] the guardian likes hilly fields

[june 2010] the psychotropia reissue is here. good review from record collector.

[feb 14 2010] cherry red are going to re-issue psychotropia on their grapefruit sublabel, as are the Japanese om Strange Days.

[oct 27] the monstrous psychedelic bubble at matter has unfortunately been CANCELLED. stay tuned as more news about this nn event transpires

[sep09/2] album info on nicks myspace

[sep09] there will be two more nick nicely concerts! nn has been playing the Green Man Festival in Crickhowell on 23rd August in the 11 hr 'Monstrous Psychedelic Bubble' section of the festival. there will be another monstrous psychedelic bubble (with nick) on Oct 30 at Matter, Peninsula Square, Greenwich, UK SE10 0DY - as postponed from Sep 17. see poster. SHOW CANCELLED!!!

[june09] nick is working with the über-cool Unkle on their new album. Unkle has a history of collaborating with famous people and now we can add nick to this list. keep your eyes peeled for the album.

[jan09] Nicks music is featured on three compilations which came out in 2008 ,'On The Beach' is on Permanent Vacation 2, ' London South' is on Terrascope compilation 2 and '49 Cigars' is on A Monstrous Psychedelic Bubble, [see also here] an overview of psychedelia from the 60s until now on Platipus Records.

[jan09] It seems the release of Nicks album has been slowed down a bit. It's finished but it will take some time before it sees the light of day, due to circumstances beyond Nicks control (everybody's actually). Bear with us in the meantime and check back for updates and more stuff.

Read about the recent concert in London

sep08 - Exclusive download - Whirlpool [guitar outtake]

news from June 2008: There will be a nick nicely concert on 11/oct/2008 at The Luminaire in London (nick will be supporting The Bevis Frond). Keep checking this site as more details become available.
note from webmaster: s
ome of you may have noticed that nick nicely gigs are pretty rare. Actually this is  the first nick nicely concert EVER, and as there are no plans (yet) for others, this may be the first and last one! Don't even consider missing this one. Drop me a line through the email link below if you feel like it.  

June 2008: Regular visitors to nick myspace  may have noticed that new songs have been turning up, and even some of you may have seen a working version of new material on this site. These days, somewhere, in an abandoned studio, late at night, nick nicely is materializing from a psychedelic parallel universe into the material world to work on new songs. keep checking this site as more news transpires about progress. Actually it's very much adding up to an album's worth of stuff so be sure to check back often here.

June 2008: new stuff

March 2008: Video for London South up on YouTube - by MysticMachine

Dec 2007: new images and DCT Dreams video

June 2007: New excerpt from Whirlpool in its current incarnation [download disabled 11/07]

March 2007: New track Blue Window Pane by nick nicely available for download [disabled 11/07]. New download every month or so - check back soon!

21 October 2006: New track 'London South' [link expired] by nick nicely available for download. Also a new version of Whirlpool [link expired] . New download every month or so - check back soon!

21 October 2006: nick's finished the following NEW tracks: 'Whirlpool' , 'Space Of A Second' , 'Human Seed' ,' Rollercoaster', "London South' and ' Lost Chord'. 'The Change In Charmaine' and 'Long Way To The Beach' are nearing completion. We're looking forward to the new album.


(9 june 2006) The meet with nick in Hilly Fields is definitely on! The 18th of July, 2006. Early afternoon, Hilly Fields park, Brockley, South London. Meet at 13:30 near the corner of Montague avenue and Adelaide Avenue, just a bit up Montague Avenue.


(may 2006) nick is currently working on three new tracks - Whirlpool, Rollercoaster and Halfway to the Sun [working title].

(september 2005) There's a great idea of a gathering on Hilly Fields on the 18th of July 2006 - many thanks to Michal Dembinski. Nick may actually turn up himself. Everyone can meet up and Nick's going to do us an accoustic version of 'Hilly Fields' and maybe take us on a tour of song related sites in the Brockley Conservation Area. If you want to take part, drop the webmaster a line through the email link below.

PLEASE do me a favour and do not put this address online in forums etc. I've had enough spam already.

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