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Ladies and Gentlemen, is proud to announce the release of nicks new album Lysergia.

Burger Records has released nicks new album Lysergia today on cassette.

This landmark release is the first actual proper album by nick. Even though Psychotropia worked very well as an album (thanks to nicks constant and consequent approach) it was in hindsight something of a collection of released and unreleased tracks

Not so with Lysergia.

I've had the privilege of previewing the material on offer here. It is a thoroughly enjoyable, consistent, inevitable collection of psychedelic tracks. This summarizes nicks recent efforts in the studio - we'd like to think of nick materialize out of a parallel universe and sneaking into a studio at night to record material for the new album. It certainly sounds that way.

Below is the track listing.

1. Long Way To The Beach
2. Space Of A Second
3. The Change In Charmaine
4. Whirlpool
5. Translucence
6. Headwind Aheadwind
7. Belinda
8. Raw Euphoria
9. Lobster Dobbs
10. Rollacoaster
11. Wrottersley Road
12. Heavens Kate 2011
13. London South

Burger has released 300 cassettes (100 on yellow / 200 on blue)

I'll try to share some thoughts on these tracks below.

LongWayToTheBeach is an essential, somewhat loose track indeed conveying the feeling of being on a hot beach.
Space of a Second is a standout track for me, a prime example of that rare blend of psychedelica and electronic sounds that defines nn. Very dreamy and addictive.
The Change in Charmaine with its chiming organ synths is a wonderful blend of unabashed romanticism and raw psychedelia.
I've heard working versions of Whirlpool but none are as intimidatingly psychedelic as this one. Prepare to be amazed.
Translucence is very ethereal, no use trying to define it. Really moving.
My personal favourite is the recent addition Headwind Aheadwind. A powerful, pulsating track, it is a perfect blend of techno and psychedelica. Like Kraftwerk on acid (and yes, it is that good).
Belinda didn't do much for me but it is a solid piece of psychedelia nevertheless.
Raw Euphoria sees nick charting unknown areas in electronic dreamscapes.
Lobster Dobbs is another defining nn track. No need to say anything else.
Rollacoaster is an oddball track with its electric guitar repeating motif. Surprisingly catchy, psychedelic and even somewhat humorous.
Wrottersley Road, Heavens Kate and London South wrap up the album in a consistently psychedelic fashion.


To wrap up, the new material has been on heavy rotation here at nn web central for months, and you most definitely need your own copy right now.