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Record Collector:  "EP from the Hilly Fields weirdo. What I like about his stuff is that he's an urban psychedelician; I find it hard to identify with pixies gamboling in the woods. nicely is like those white van men you occasionally meet who are totally off the gourds: a city tripper. you may just notice a faint Photofit resemblance to a 1966 Beatles tune, but this is more eerie, perhaps because it was so out of time in '82: nicely was nigh-on alone out there; folk would have feared him as he shambled up to them, innocent grin on his face. He's still making gems: this also holds a couple of messed-up-in-a-good-way remixes from his new album too. worth a cigar or 49."

Shindig: Once upon a time circa 1982 Nick Nicely released the sublime and decidedly Syd-esque ’Hilly Fields (1892)’’ 45. Not only was it a bona fide slice of classic home grown Brit psych, the same was also true of the single’s B side - the frankly surreal ’49 Cigars’ which is now once again back in circulation on the 49 Cigars four track EP (****) which, for good measure, also includes an extended live version of said marvel.