18th of July, marked it with a circle of red. A meeting on a record hot day, hotter even than the 18th of July 1980 when Nicks stay on Hilly Fields inspired him to write the now famous song.

Kindred spirits met and talked over beer and strawberries. Nick turned up a bit later and did a 5 song acoustic set.

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The panorama below was done by Andrew Whiteside.This may require some scrolling to the right.
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HF1872006AWpano.jpg (42901 bytes)

My camera gave up, due to circumstances unknown. However, as Nick left the park, I noticed some old postcards being carried around the Fields by the hot wind. I have included a scan of these below.

postcard1.jpg (46902 bytes)

adreskant.jpg (74590 bytes)


postcard2.jpg (51121 bytes)


 If anyone would care to repeat this in the near future, please let me know

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