Latvia - Riga and around - May 2003

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Riga is home to one of the largest collections of
Art Nouveau architecture in Europe

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Riga central market (located in four former Zeppelin hangars), butchery section 

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Riga central market

Riga street corner 

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Riga cathedral

Central Riga 

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Nothern part of Riga historic town near the castle

maintenance train near Riga central station 

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Rocks on Gauja river near Sigulda

Rocks on Gauja river near Sigulda 

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Raven in Sigulda

Nightjar (Caprimulgus europaeus) in Slitere National Park near cape Kolka 

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A Lesser Spotted Woodpecker (Dendroscopos minor) in Slokenbeka manor

a traffic sign museum in Slokenbeka manor 

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Pulsatilla patens (Eastern pasque flower) on the Liv coast near Vaide

ferns near Turaida 

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