Latvia - May 2003
LVbeverknaag.jpg (36566 bytes) beaver gnaw marks on tree trunk - Gauja river near Sigulda

beaver damage - Gauja river near Sigulda 

LVbeverknaag gauja.jpg (51573 bytes)
LVbij dundaga - rotsen.jpg (53640 bytes) rocks near Kuldiga and Dundaga - Abava valley region

Daugavpils bus station 

LVdaugavpils-busstation.jpg (21250 bytes)
LVdundaga-vehikel.jpg (42491 bytes) a strange contraption in Dundaga

grass near Engures lake 

LVengures-aar.jpg (16366 bytes)
LVengures-kust.jpg (38552 bytes) the coast on the western shore of the Gulf of Riga

freshly emerged dragonfly on Engures lake 

LV-engures-libellen2.jpg (38536 bytes)
LV-engures-libellen6.jpg (35832 bytes) freshly emerged dragonflies on Engures lake

dragonfly larva on Engures lake 

LV-engures-libellen7.jpg (27481 bytes)
LV-engures-libellen8.jpg (16450 bytes) freshly emerged dragonfly on Engures lake

emerging dragonfly on Engures lake 

LV-engures-libellen9.jpg (29757 bytes)
LVengures-morielje.jpg (29820 bytes)   Morel mushroom (Morchella sp.)

reed beds and willow groves near Engures ezers (Engures lake) 

LVengures-riet.jpg (60565 bytes)

LVkolka-hoofdstraat.jpg (44182 bytes)

main street - Kolka

Cape Kolka - Kolkasrags 

LVkolkasrags1.jpg (38179 bytes)

LVkolkasrags2.jpg (26120 bytes)

Cape Kolka - Kolkasrags

Cape Kolka - Kolkasrags 

LVkolkasrags3.jpg (26446 bytes)

LVkolkasrags-vuurtoren.jpg (13710 bytes)

Cape Kolka - Kolkasrags

Kosrags village on the Livonian Coast 

LVkosrags.jpg (57012 bytes)

LVkuldigahuisweb.jpg (34324 bytes)

An old house in Kuldiga

An old house in Kuldiga 

LVkuldiga-kat.jpg (35821 bytes)

LVkuldiga-kerk.jpg (56403 bytes)

Orthodox church - Kuldiga

The park - Kuldiga 

LVkuldiga-park.jpg (61354 bytes)

LVkuldigasrumblas.jpg (26637 bytes)

Ventas rumba in Kuldiga - the widest waterfall in Europe (but not exactly the highest)

an old street in Kuldiga 

LVkuldigastraatjeweb.jpg (34422 bytes)

LVkuldiga-vlinder.jpg (53421 bytes)

Apatura Butterfly

Storks nesting 

LVooievaars.jpg (25375 bytes)

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