JAPAN - Osaka, Kyoto, Nara images - march 2012 (Siberia, Korea)

Flying to Japan - sunrise over Siberia


\A factory on the east coast of S.Korea

Korea mountains

Approach to Kansai (KIX) airport

Rap:t express

Ferris wheel from the train at Rinku town

that's me

Rap:t train - straight out of Metropolis


Osaka castle moat

Eurasian Wigeon female and male - hidorigamo

White-cheeked starlings (probably);
Sturnus cineraceus

Plum Blossom Viewing (ume)

Osaka castle

More plum blossom (ume) viewing in Osaka Castle Park (

Ume - plum blossom

Photographing the ume blossoms
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