Szlengro! (means "welcome" in our language)

Welcome to the Hotel "Hojtl Willem". Located in Designated Monumental Stalinist Concrete Area, the Hojtl welcomes you the very much and wishes pleasant stay in our nice town.
Our personnel have all received formal training from "Feliks Dzherzhinski School of Tourism and Propaganda" and are happy to assist you in your wishes.
Below is photographic impresion of our Hojtl.

hojtl1.jpg (39559 bytes)
The Hotel is equiped with modern style elevator - in case of emergency dial 9
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This is view of cozy breakfast room with Exotic plants decoration for your enjoyment
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Each room come equiped with modern Central Heating. When too hot open window.
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Another view of breakfast room, where people are enjoying to their meals!!!!
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For the business meeting, Hojtl Willem offers the Business Lounge for discuss important Business.
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Follow Carpet indication in case of Blackout
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Each room come equiped with modern radio "Model Turist 4" from Elektroteknija Kombinat for your enjoyment in your room.
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For transport of the Luggage or children, two elevators model "Transzport 2000" are for your disposal. The Hojtl declines the responsability for lost objects.

Now as from 2013, Hojtl supports the International Arts Exhibition in reception area. For you to the enjoy or buy.

So to conclusion, we hope you enjoy the stay in Hojtl Willem and come again to our lovely town.
Feeling room booking? For booking please contact the link>>>