Finland - and travelling towards the Baltic States

est-vlucht1[waterland].jpg (34592 bytes) Waterland in North Holland - takeoff from Schiphol

the port of Amsterdam seen from the air

est-vlucht2[ams-haven].jpg (29746 bytes)

fin-boot-porvoo.jpg (41447 bytes)

wake of boat to Porvoo (Borgaa)

no phones allowed on this trip!

fin-boot-telefoonP.jpg (11089 bytes)

fin-hels-lutkath1.jpg (22254 bytes)

the stern Helsinki Cathedral from the inside

inside the Russian Orthodox Cathedral of Helsinki

fin-hels-orthkerk.jpg (36348 bytes)

fin-porvoo.jpg (30802 bytes)

Porvoo (Borgaa)

rural scenery with erratic boulder near Porvoo

fin-porvoo-rots.jpg (31335 bytes)

fin-porvoo-trein.jpg (32723 bytes)

A stream train preparing for a special run on the derelict Porvoo branch line


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