Santiago is a bustling metropole which never sleeps. There's not really an awful lot to see but some areas are nice enough.

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Santiago has a lot of skyscrapers. At sunset these reflect the sun in its full intensity. This gives weird effects - see the shadow of the booth and the man to the right in the second picture.
san10 - kinderen hofje.jpg (33892 bytes) A secluded yard in a 1910-1920s district in Santiago.

Sunday afternoon rowing fun in the main pond in Quinta Normal park

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Sunday afternoon entertainment in Parque Quinta Normal

Quinta Normal Park contains a railway museum with a lot of plinthed engines

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Santiago university

A vegetarian protest

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san7 - andesvlucht.jpg (50339 bytes) On the way to Santiago. Approaching from the east, the plane finds its way through the valleys of the high Andes around 6500 m, as landing has already begun. After flying past Aconcagua, the highest peak in the Andes and the highest mountain outside the Himalaya, we saw this view from the plane windows.

Actually a stopover in Sao Paulo airport en route to Santiago

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Stopover in Sao Paulo - the centre of town after takeoff en route to Santiago.

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